(PRO)ject US is an initiative for young adults between the ages of 13 – 23 designed to build fashion design, music production, and new media journalism skills. Adding value to the skills learned by curating artifacts created & knowledge gained in a comprehensive portfolio. Making that portfolio actionable with industry-centered special opportunities.


“Creative Workforce Development Through Learning Pathways” toolkit stands as a beacon for educators who strive to seamlessly connect classroom learning with the ever-evolving demands of the modern workforce. This toolkit is not just a collection of lessons; it’s a comprehensive bridge linking tangible skills acquisition with viable career pathways in the creative industry.

At its core, this toolkit offers a diverse range of lessons and exercises in pivotal creative disciplines including design, photography, marketing, songwriting, and finance. Each subject area is intricately woven with practical, industry-relevant content, ensuring that students are not only learning skills but are also gaining insights into how these skills translate into real-world applications.

This initiative is managed by: