January 31, 202312:46 pm
Let's see if it decomposes, because the thermometer reads 17 °F (ca. -8 degree Celsius), a freezer, heh, heh, heh.… https://t.co/t9sjzJTR8a
January 31, 202311:50 am
Be ready for the February edition of the #Hive Power Up Month! https://t.co/wtI2Yi8O4j https://t.co/ctMoDLwDej
January 30, 20234:45 pm
Hello, #dbuzz30 virtual friends, starting Level II of the 30-day challenge today; if I start today, I will finish o… https://t.co/u9d6PBiGZ4
January 30, 202311:55 am
30 consecutive days of posting on #dbuzz30. I made it… Thanks to all my virtual friends for the support. On Februar… https://t.co/mzc83F0EFE
January 28, 20236:45 am
There are bigoted people on The Hive, several of my #dbuzz30 challenge posts were downvoted by one of my followers… https://t.co/Yd0TmhHhJV
January 27, 202311:25 am
What more can I ask of nature? I am in good health, surrounded by true friends, an autistic son who has been th… https://t.co/EVZNexwNf5
January 26, 202311:05 am
**A man says to a friend:**

👮‍♂️—My wife is on a three-week diet.

💁— Really? How much has she lost so far?

👮‍♂️—… https://t.co/1cOnJMDJBU
January 25, 202311:57 am
Virtual friends of #dbuzz #dbuzz30, today I have to post a picture holding a fruit, and you have to name it, but wo… https://t.co/ldJCgltwW1
January 24, 202312:00 pm
Kakheti, Sighnaghi is a town with cosy streets and a picturesque panorama of the famous Alazani valley. I would cer… https://t.co/7V5QkaysSR
January 23, 20231:57 pm
With the winter chill, enjoying the white season with a hot cocoa and sugary biscuits to warm you up.

#dbuzz330… https://t.co/lgnhV3o6Xq
January 23, 20231:27 pm
Just like the little dog, we enjoy the white winter. I converted the original video in MP4 format to *.gif and comp… https://t.co/ALxzdruoeX
January 22, 202312:16 pm
7 days to go to meet the #dbuzz30 challenge. Also, new #hivebuzz Power Up badges. Maybe my virtual friend @lauril w… https://t.co/altR4qztdO
January 21, 202312:12 pm
The image corresponds to a meeting of friends in La Castrera-Valencia, Carabobo State-Venezuela, 01/04/2023. On my… https://t.co/ThxKXWbYq1

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