Thank you for your interest in The Media Suite. The Media Suite is open to all young people age 14-23.

    The Media Suite gives you the chance to work with professional media artists to create a fashion look book, music and documentary videos, and blogs and writing that will be publicly featured and published in print and/or online.

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    (PRO)jectUs is a client-based project, meaning you will be working with Leaders 1354 and peer designers and recording artist to produce media that documents the creative work and brand of others and the overall (PRO)jectUs project. How do you feel your writing, photography, or video skills can be used to enhance or highlight the creative work of others and (PRO)jectUs? (required)

    Please submit an example of your work. For Writing: 2 pieces of writing (essays, reviews, blogs, stories, etc.). For Video: 1-2 videos. For Photography: 7-10 photos. (required)