RT @AvriBijon: Ok okay @JoeBudden @thisisrory @MAL___ I’ve heard everyone’s side. Rory / Mal give us your Patreon info, f&*k it I can do 2…
RT @_commonfund: We are excited about the new format at this year’s NBA All Star game! It means a lot to our city, Thanks @nbacares
RT @AvriBijon: T R I U M P H by AVRI BIJON for Avi-Tone // Audio Design // https://t.co/rzXgnt5ziD
RT @jafs31: This is @KitesKristopher! Fun fact: he’s now a rising famous jewelry designer but he got his first start when he participated i…
RT @curatesupply: The groundbreaking festival and exhibition @complexcon is coming to Chicago, we will be giving away tickets to ComplexCon…
A L I V E ep, an experiment in sound design, available on all major platforms. Purchase the ep and all proceeds wil… https://t.co/6mtTayEtcB
Come check us out today at the YAS Fest! #yasfest #projectus @ The Art Institute of Chicago https://t.co/y0On13UDI6
Saturday. #stylebias fashion show @ the Art Institute #projectus #curatesupply @ The Art Institute of Chicago https://t.co/T28v8EETYg
Gather inspiration from the art around us. [Photo by PROjectUS alumni jatzyy]
#PROjectUS… https://t.co/F0yDrwZ5Ww
For life and art, Keep the big picture in mind. [Photo by PROjectUS alumni jatzyy]
#PROjectUS… https://t.co/9FXbz8sddj
Crew love. The Art Institute of Chicago has been our home this Summer. It’s been the dopest place to express oursel… https://t.co/bXKISVowG8
Jr. Mentor Isabel [@bellsmcfly] always in the ears of our students dropping gems. [Photo by PROjectUS alumni jatzyy… https://t.co/LlM7TtBelS
Look at PROjectUS student Moesha [moee_verses]Use the camera strap to create tension for smoother videos. 💁🏾‍♀️ a g… https://t.co/5VVL6SjatG
A mentor is one who tells you what’s important and what’s not because they’ve been there. Lead Mentor Kiko [… https://t.co/xb8WEkg0Xx
Style student Neeyah [@Neeyah_m] here expressing life imitating art imitating life 🤯 [Photo by PROjectUS alumni jat… https://t.co/58DE1XNrOS
There’s more to Chicago than what you’ve heard. We are the Culture. [Photo by PROjectUS alumni jatzyy]
*… https://t.co/PDjh1eW9BQ
I bet no one told you there’s a lot of squatting in photography. 🗣Commit to getting the shot. As our student videog… https://t.co/Jzf5zzYKNL
All hands were on deck. Jr. Mentor Rashard [@LeadLockwood] helps with the stix (photo lingo for tripod😉) [Photo by… https://t.co/IeWArj3WgF
Getting the shot, getting the shot. PROjectUS videographer Devon [djvisualss] films Gabby [gzrichcreatives] while s… https://t.co/T1xHdr3Fiv
Here are some of the tees created today at #SteamStudio POP/up at #Exuberus18 #PROjectUS @ The Art Institute of Chi… https://t.co/wJ8RRsqApP
T-Shirt Station poppin’! #steamstudio #projectus @ The Art Institute of Chicago https://t.co/F35Ti19NJU
Steam Studio success! 5th year... #steamstudio #projectus #exurerus18 @ The Art Institute of Chicago https://t.co/1ChfYQnZbi
#PROjectUS V Retrospective... @Neeyah_m 📷 gzrichcreatives @ The Art Institute of Chicago https://t.co/Sojk7PvTD8
#PROjectUS V practice shoot... 📷 gzrichcreatives @ The Art Institute of Chicago https://t.co/CEGrr83YbZ
#PROjectUS V photo testing... @ The Art Institute of Chicago https://t.co/2R3oYtKPsz
Check out our STEAM Studio POP/up, Thursday at Exuberus at the Art Institute from 6pm-9pm. #STEAMStudio #PROjectUS… https://t.co/v1LES1P1bk
Exploring our clients space... PROjectUS Season 5 has officially begun.... #PROjectUS @ The Art Institute of Chicago https://t.co/bObauusgMP
RT @curatesupply: OPEN Art Party // an art, fashion and culture social experience. 6.22.18 RSVP at https://t.co/euH2QxU6MN #CurateSupply ht…
OPEN Art Party // an art, fashion and culture… https://t.co/i1v90VtQuv
Are you a fashion designer, photographer, a videographer, or a new media journalist? And trying to break in the ind… https://t.co/EMt6clRBCl
Are you a fashion designer, photographer, a videographer, or a new media… https://t.co/VekM1OsfWU
PROjectUS IV Client Based Challenge: We Real Cool | Miss Brooks 100 https://t.co/kVWcVT3KLi
RT @revolvingdrarts: CALL for SUBMISSIONS!! We're looking for poems from Chicagoland poets age 13-21 that are inspired by Miss Brooks. Dead…
Season 4 in full swing... introducing our participants to one of their professional partners.… https://t.co/aEnqHo4QWt
"Everybody had to give their 100%. In return, I gave my 100% and it has made me a different… https://t.co/i7BnA5oGns
"There's been a huge influx of artists coming out and expressing themselves. The music is… https://t.co/UJGsnr7HDO
"What I love most about this whole program is the people who are in the same boat that I'm in. I… https://t.co/U3qaVwRSxL

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