biancakphotography:Models: Bianca Kimble; Faith Moreno; Bianca…

Full body self portrait 1.0


Full body self portrait 2.0


Models: Bianca Kimble; Faith Moreno; Bianca Kimble

Narcotic Series: The struggle of a young ethnic and queer female.

This series consists of portraits of young queer and ethnic females such as my self who struggle to find a place within society. These photos lean towards a more darker theme. The two self portraits are taken within my home in my hallway. I intentionally dressed in my turban and dashiki which come from my west african background. I chose to portray myself and models in a darker area and used a low exposure. As a black and hispanic female I am looked down at. I am looked as if I am inferior and a second class human. My model’s face is covered and completely blacked out because this specifically symbolizes her identity, one that is taken lightly by society’s expectations and social standards. The Narcotic series is an ongoing one and will present the many lives that seem out of place within our own cities, culture, and even community, a series that displays the forgotten people of the land of the free.

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