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My ‘go to’ outfit. I usually wear a loose pair of jeans along with a billowy blouse when I am out and about the city. Some days I will add a cute pair of stack-heeled booties to spice it up a little so I won’t look like a complete hippy. I recently bought a book bag from Earthbound Trading which is a very chill and spiritual store. I fell in love with this bag after spotting the Ganesh printed on it. I purchased the distressed jeans from Ross not too long ago. I loved that there were a lot of tears in the pants because currently, it’s blazing hot in Chicago. I had bought my blouse from Forever 21 when I was in D.C. Forever 21 isn’t the cheapest place to shop at but it can be worth the expenses. My shoes are purchased from Amazon. I personally am not the most wealthy person you’ll ever meet, but cheap things can look super cute. I had a budget at the time and these shoes were on clearance and were absolutely gorgeous.The specific brand is called Forever and they sell affordable shoes online. The most expensive thing in this entire outfit is the purse. I go this when I was strolling through the Roosevelt collection and saw Francesca’s. Francesca’s isn’t a cheap store to buy things, but if you have the money and are in need of a cute accessory then I totally recommend shopping at Francesca’s!

                                     Until next time!

                                            – Bianca

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