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On Tuesday I worked with my fellow colleagues to make a collaborative series of studio shots. I have never used studio lighting in any of my photos before until now. In this series I wanted to experiment with different light situations. In the up coming shoot the Idea of our project is  to make a dramatic editorial shoot. In these photos I was being to conjure up a multitude of ideas by moving around the light so it could flatter the subject without of making them look blown out. I really wanted to focus on the clothing of the subject because of the stark contrast of the colour. One of the things that stood out to me in these photos is the necklace of the subject. I had an issue with capturing the fine details of the hair because of the black background and the subject having dark hair. So I decided to add a lot of movement to the hair of the subject. By doing this it caused the hair and jewelry to stand out more. The lighting was very flattering to the subjects hair which created a lovely colour palette to compliment her hair and outfit all together.  After doing this shoot it helped me come up with more ideas for the shoot. Now I most definitely will have an idea for the lighting and theme of our shoot. What is to happen is a secret and you’ll have to wait until next!

                                                         –Until Next Time

                                                                          Bianca K.

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